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tv   [untitled]    July 19, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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though i know there's fwraet need across the board. what alarms me a little here is -- and i don't kind of know how i feel about it so i'm going to be completely honest. i don't know about that assistant principal thing as a threshold [inaudible] 550. i mean, i think you teal find out this year whether it's the right number or not. it's just that we have so many schools that are smaller because they're not as popular and they can't attract the population, you know. and so -- but they're very needy, you know . but i see there is some balancing affect there too with more support and -- but an assistant principal role is different than a literacy coach which is a right hand person to coach them. i'm not sure how i feel about that, but, you know, i think that it's something that
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schools, these large schools have been asking for so i hope that they see it as a relief of some of the work that they have to do. and you know what? we make keep more principals that way. who knows. you know, this is a daunting job to be a principal in any of our schools. having said that, i -- yeah, it's my hope that we can reduce the amount of security as we do our [inaudible] and maybe some of those security guards can become restorative practice coaches or trainers, but i feel like we invest a lot in security, which is sort of a necessity, but it would be great if we could hire less security guards and maybe some restorative practice coaches or maybe eliminate some of them because we don't need them. would you like to responds? so sorry. >> thank you commissioner fewer, and i think a lot of the
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commissioners made earlier statements in this regard too. i think in keeping with our continued evolution of a multitiered system of support or an approach that actually differentiates the interventions and the tangible supports at school levels. this is our second version. at that i think you noticed in our chart that we have in fact tried to make an i tempt to target our schools that really need the more equitable levels of support and you see that table has expanded and we've been able to centrally allocate more of those types of positions that we've been centrally networking so we can provide development of those positions to be attractive at the school site level. i think in terms of the student supports separate from the academic supports we know that
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our schools do have a better chance at building their own internal capacity to serve the needs of students, so our hope is the repertoire and skill set of educators in these buildings continues to grow. and i think you noticed that for the first time we've been able, and new way has been a big proponent of this, that we do consider the additional ap and larger elementaries. we know a lot of schools where an additional administrator would make a difference because they can play in large part some of the other roles when they don't have the benefit of a coach or someone who can help as a data or someone with the student engagement, they play a
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multifaceted role. so while they didn't meet the threshold for student enrollment, we nonetheless, allocated them assistant principal. or way to really qualitatively assess where our schools are at capacity wise, we can be even yet more strategic about what supports make sense after getting a better sort of assessment of that are the educators on the ground about what would be most helpful and we have to do the internal work in how we support that network. you can allocate a literacy coach, but if you don't have a network for developing them, then we kind of diminish our own efficacy. that's the work that came forward. we've got to be able to track our data.
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we need those early warning indicators, we need to be able to segregate by school, race, we can make a smaller amount of money by going further by being targeted about that. we want to be mindful of not oversaturating one of our given school communities. it become a challenge to actually manage in some cases many of these resources. we've learned that in some of these cases. i wanted to offer those comments. we do have available tables of the different between version 1.0 and 2.0 where there were deltas side-by-side by [inaudible] make available. >> and i just also want to be say that, you know, the superintendent said this budget is dripping with equity and when you look at the mtss you really see that -- that was the first thing actually quite frankly i checked, the schools and the zones because i didn't want anything taken away from them but wanted it added so
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when looking at schools in zones like george washington carve herb and looking at those schools in the zones and those are exactly what i would expect to see in a district that's targeting ark wety. r and looking at those schools in the zones and those are exactly what i would expect to see in a district that's targeting ark wety. >> i just have to say that, you know, many of the schools in the mission zone got [inaudible] money, but then a lots lot of the schools in the bay view did not. when i look at schools like malcolm x i like that i see a lot of support here. and so -- and paul revere. and i'm looking at those schools that need the extra
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boost and extra help so this is what equity is all about. it's about -- it takes more in some places than others and some students needs more than others. anyway, thank you very much and i think we're ready for a roll call vote on this most important decision of the year. thank you. >> thank you commissioner. on 14610 sb 2, mr. haney. >> [inaudible]. >> miss maufas. >> yes vpt . >> miss mendoz-mcdonnell >> yes. >> doctor murase. >> i. >> miss wynns. >> i. >> miss fewer. >> yes. >> six is. . thank you. congratulations colleagues and staff. shaking hands [inaudible]. board members [inaudible] none tonight. we did general matters, item k advisory committee reports. are there any committee reports
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to be announced bid board members. >> thank you president, i would like to appoint kathy meyer and peggy to the qtea oversight committee as a superintendent appointee. >> thank you superintendent. item l, special order of business. i now call the public hearing of adoption of annual budget and service plan [inaudible]. >> so moved. >> may i have a reading of the recommendation for the superintendent designee? >> thank you, yes president fewer fk, i'd like to invite doctor [inaudible] and read it into the record. >> good evening. i'm requesting the action that the board of education of san
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francisco unified convene a public hearing and adopt the annual budget and service plan for special education, ab 602 requires that we have the annual budget and service plan as part of our local plan and that it's adopted at a public hearing and that we have the services for the students and where the services are located and that the [inaudible] conducts the public hearing for it to be adopted by june 30. >> thank you. public speakers, there are none. comments from the board of superintendents? i'm sorry, i thought you just spoke on the regular budget, miss solomon. i don't have a card for the [inaudible]. >>
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okay. did you want to come up and give us your two minutes? >> as we all know, special education is a complicated and very, very important piece of the work we all do. here's my concern. i know there's no l cap for special ed and that's unfortunate, but we really do need more opportunities for take stakeholders to give their input. for those of us at the town hall forum at the support for families of children with disabilities and the special ed cac meeting last week, there were quite a lot of people, parents and educators who were
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upset about the 2014, 2015 staffing guide, largely because none of us knew it was coming until it was being implemented. as a result of that staffing guide, 82 para professionals are being consolidated and at least 23 teachers being consolidated and that's of concern to us and to school communities just because it's such a lot of shifting. and from a labor perspective we also have a concern that we weren't consulted, we believe this does bring about changes to our contract and we are in bargaining. it should have come to the bargaining table. i don't think that everything in the staffing guide is negative. i think there are some positive aspects to it, but some of it is very troubling. we have concerned that some of
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the staffing will result in teaching out of their credential area and resulting in possibly non compliance with cde and also we have concerns about whether students will be getting the best education they can get if they have teachers who don't have the credentials they're supposed to have. these are the concerns i wanted the bring to your attention. thank you. >> thank you miss solomon. any comments from the board of supervisors? you're kidding. okay. >> i just want to acknowledge the public who came out and advocates and parents and edge ucators who were there. i was there at the town hall to engage in a dialogue with the community and we took a lot of note about some of the topics that were raised there. as we continue as i shared with
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the audience at the end of the night, our redesign, our reform work, our attempt to continue to improve our special education services involves some continued changes and fine tuning and we do our best to try to commune communicate with our broad stakeholders. we saw some additional staffing movement. that's not a new thing, perhaps not to this degree as we've gotten more accurate about where our programs are located. in some cases to meet our groel of aligning program stranldz for instance and it's going to be something we're going to continue to pay attention to and wif made the offer to collaborate on additional town halls so we make sure and provide opportunities for the community to share its input and feedback. >> i want to make comment about our -- i see [inaudible] our non public [inaudible]
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placement and i think we're going to have to really cut that, you know, eventually. just wanted to pension that again. mention that again. i think we're ready for roll call vote. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> miss maufas. >> yes. >> miss mendoz-mcdonnell >> yes. >> doctor murase? >> yes. >> miss norton, miss wynns? >> i. >> miss fewer. >> yes. >> six is. a: >> i wanted to say thankout to rita and joe. all these years i've been on this board, you've presented this budget and i wanted to say thank you. and thanks to joe for always spending a couple hours explaining the thing to me. thank you very much. so -- >> can i just add to
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[inaudible]. >> yes, rita. okay, may i have a motion and a second i mrooufl of the fiscal year 2014, 2015 adopted budget for the san francisco unified school district and the san francisco county office of education in the standardized accounts code structure form? so i think rita is going to read that for us. thank you very much. >> yes i am, thank you. so the with requested action is now that we've ordered on the adopted budget that we now vote on the -- that the board of education approve the fiscal year 2014, 2015 adopted budget for the san francisco unified school district and the san francisco county of education in the official state form [inaudible] in accordance of california education code
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sections 33129 and 42127. >> thank you very much. we have no public speakers signed up. any comments from the board of superintendent. i think we're ready. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> wynns. >> i. >> fewer. a: yes. >> yes. >> six ist. s. >> may [inaudible] for fiscal year 2014, 2015? >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you. rita, i think you're reading it again. >> thank you. subject, the resolution [inaudible] the requested action is that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district and the san francisco county office of education approve the approved
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expenditure proposed expenditure of state revenues anticipated to be received in fiscal year 2014, 15 in protection [inaudible] accordance to the spending plan incorporated here in. >> i see no public speakers signed up. any comments from the board of superintendents. a roll call vote, please. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoz-mcdonnell. >> yes. >> murase. >> i. >> wynns has recorded an i vote. fewer. >> i. >> we heard that will have. consent kol calendar resolutions we have none tonight so item o, vote on consent calendar. this is moved and seconded under section f. >> i do have some corrections the read before you vote if that's okay.
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>> the corrections out of c 2s on page 69 and 70 in your agendas so the first requisition number, [inaudible] should be public contract code section 3400 c 3. we have reck number [inaudible] to renew contract for 7113 to 63014 first year extension for the purchase of milk, should be to encumber funds for 712014 through 6302014 for the purchase of milk. requisition number [inaudible] to renew contract 7113 to 63014 second the year extension for the purchase of footd and supplies and paper goods should be to reknew contract for
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[inaudible] second year extension for the purchase of food and food su supplies and paper goods. reck number 1730 [inaudible] to renew contract from 7113 to 63014 foinal extension should be to renew contract from 7114 to 63015. reck number [inaudible] to renew contract from 7113 to 63014 third extension for repair and maintenance for kitchen equipment, et cetera, should be to [inaudible] to 63015,
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>> and miss fewer. >> thank you. consent calendar resolutions. none, right? >> madam president, i'm not -- i thought we withheld 39. did we not? it's been corrected so it's not longer withheld. >> that's fine.
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>> thanks, i'm very confused. there are none. board members proposals first reading may i have a motion and a second, please? >> so moved. >> second. >> okay, thanks. i will refer to this ad hoc committee. and we have one public speaker tonight on this. jenny ramos [inaudible]. am i not pronouncing it right jenny? so i think jenny has left. okay, thank you for filling out a card though. so this will be refer today the ad hoc committee on student assignment. the next resolution is in recognition of the contributions of the lgbt
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[inaudible] community to sfusd in its support of sfusd contingent in the san francisco pride parade introduces by commissioners maufas, haney and fewer, may i have a motion and a second? >> so moved. >> second. >> and yourselves, how about i read the whereases one through four and then hand it over to commissioner haney for 5 through through 8 and then
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maybe you'll kindly finish up with 9 through 11. in recognition of the con tributions of [inaudible] and in support of an sfusd [inaudible] pride parade whereas the san francisco board of education has long expressed a strong commitment for the [inaudible] staff including the passing of policy resolutions in 1996, 2006 and 2010 and whereas san francisco unified school district has been at the forefront nationally of policies and prak tests that support lgbt [inaudible] families and sfusd staff guided by deep belief and equal rights and equity for the lgbt legacy
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and that for this year for me this is the first year that my granddaughter will be old enough to be in a stroller, but to march in a pride parade so that is a great source of pride that we continue that legacy as a family tradition and hopefully encourage many of our families to participate in this wonderful celebration of equality and bringing that to the forefront in san francisco and i just wanted to acknowledge that publicly and invite our staff to join us. there are so many different contingents in the pride parade this year so, you know, certainly this is my personal
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encouragement to give permission first and whatever contingent you want to join, but i encourage all of us to participate. this is a wonderful celebration for san francisco and our families. >> thank you. i think we're ready for a roll call vote. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. sfwh mendoz-mcdonnell. >> yes. >> murase. >> i. wynns. fewer. >> i. >> six is. >> item f. i'd like to -- [applause]. >> that's right board, be proud of yourself. that was a good thing. all right, so standing committees, i'd like to announce the new standing committees that the term will be from july 1, 2014, to june 30, 2015 on the budget and business services committee, the chair is rachel norton with mendoz-mcdonnell and joe wynns
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as members. building ground and services chair is mendoz-mcdonnell, fewer and haney. curriculum and program, maufas is the chair, with fewer and haney. rules policy and legislation, wynns is the chair, with is the chair with [inaudible] ad hoc committee on personal matters and relations is haney -- i think it's me -- fewer and murase. sorry, [inaudible]. and then on the city and school district select committee, it's me, sandra lee fewer, mendoz-mcdonnell, and wynns. okay. >>